New Feature- Playpackets!

We've started offering a new feature that hopefully parents and teachers will find pretty awesome. We're calling them playpackets. They're "educa-fun" enhancing materials that mommies and teachers can bring with them to the theatre. Kids are always saying "they're bored", (insert whine here.)

The theatre can be both an exciting place and a place to learn. With our playpackets we hope to help make that experience even better for kids in Hong Kong by giving them questions to think about, fun activities to do, and some facts about what they're watching.

The first play we did this for was Little Fish. Little Fish is being presented at the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden over Easter weekend. If you find the kids bored and with nothing to do, why not take them here? It's a Chinese shadow play by the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre and teaches kids important lessons on environmentalism and water pollution.

Download our playpacket here.

Just print it out and take it to the theatre with you. Let the fun and learning begin!



  • hannah
    27 March 2013

    What a great idea! I'm going to take my daughters to the show and use this. My girls are both preschool age and this is perfect for them!

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