Nominees: Best Supporting Actress


These are the ladies who shined next to the star of the show, but being a great supporting role takes as much effort, if not more, than a leading one. This year we have a lot of diversity among the nominees, just as we like it. 

Mass disclaimer: all the photos in these nominee articles are the property of the artists who created these shows and the photographers who took them. We're writing these articles to help inform the public so they can make their decisions on the Heckler ballot. Voting will close September 12th.

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Sophie Connell, Into the Woods, Face Productions

Despite her young age, Sophie has been very involved in the local theatre scene. Her talent and passion for drama have brought her to stage with Into the Woods and now to her nomination!


Davina Lee Carrete, Mothers Matters, Apple Pie Productions


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Fairly new to the local art scene, Davina has conquered the Hong Kong audience over moving monologues and funny bits with her performance in Mother Matters. 


Nicole Garbellini: Love Pings, I AM Productions

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Nicole has been seen in many shows and productions over the last few years. She was everything but shy when performing the Italian Stallion with a blokey twist. 


Osmary Nieves, Xanadu, The Hong Kong Singers


With her great voice and her stage presence, Osmary has made quite an impact among the Hong Kong musical theatre scene. 


Moe Moss, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Face Productions

A true veteran of the Hong Kong theatre scene, Moe has been a great presence in the latest Face Productions show.