Nominees- Best Actress


These are the ladies who graced the stage with their beautiful and magnetic stage presence and performance. 

Mass disclaimer: all the photos in these nominee articles are the property of the artists who created these shows and the photographers who took them. We're writing these articles to help inform the public so they can make their decisions on the Heckler ballot. Voting will close on September 12th.

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Mimi Burns, The Last 5 Years, Aurora Theatre

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With her truthful portray of Cathy Hiatt, Miss Burns not only dealt with the classic challenges related to musical shows but with a high dose of swinging emotions as well. 


Muriel Hofmann, Love Pings, I AM Productions 

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Miss Hofmann's outstanding performance blends a high dosage of emotions, physical theatre and, overall, a full immersion in the virtual world.  


Jacqueline Gourlay-Grant, Gypsy, Hong Kong Singers

Mrs. Gourlay-Grant gave a superb characterization of the ultimate stage mother of all time. 


Sarah Martin, John & Jen, Western District

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Strong vocalist Sarah Martin offered an outstanding portray of conflicted and emotional character Jen in Western District original work.  


Natalie Drake, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Shax Theatre

Shax Theatre has become a staple for Shakespearean work in Hong Kong; Natalie Drake's macho portrayal of Valentine charmed and entertained the young local audience.