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An excellent leading man can make or break a show. He's gotta have charisma, he's gotta have class, he's gotta have something that make the men wanna be him and the ladies wanna be with him. All the men in this category are nominated for great performances that are very different. We did our best to find great photos of them in action. Feel free to print them out and hang them up on your wall Tiger Beat style!

Mass disclaimer, all the photos in these nominee articles are the property of the artists who created these shows and the photographers who took them. We're writing these articles to help inform the public so they can make their decisions on the Heckler ballot.

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*Tony Leung, Hairspray, Face Productions

Mr. Leung is nominated for his role as Link Larkin in Hairspray. Feel free to swoon over his chiseled jaw ladies. I can hear the bells!
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*Lester Clark, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Aurora Theatre

Sadly Lester has left us to become a big star in LA. We wish him luck but will miss seeing him on the Hong Kong stage. His last performance with us was El Fayoumy, the hilarious but slippery prosecution lawyer in Judas.
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*Daniel Levia, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, NAIAD Productions

Mr. Levia took on the demanding role of the The Maniac which required him to be on stage for a bulk of the two hours. A role that demands extreme physical acting and great vocalization, we were quite impressed with his dedication to the part.
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*Bobby Burns, Hairspray, Face Productions

Bobby as Edna was both heart warming and hilarious. We wanted to snuggle into his/her busom. We would have gone back a second time just to see You're Timeless to Me with him and Daniel Cheong as Wilbur. We hope we can find love like that one day!
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*Alex Sommerville, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Aurora Theatre

Alex was Satan in Judas and we didn't just like Satan; we LOVED Satan. He was positively dripping in evil. Mr. Sullivan was the definition of scene stealer in Aurora Theatre's production.
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  • Observer
    08 August 2013

    Good riddance to Mr Clarke. He always confused pulling stupid faces with acting.
  • brad jacobs
    09 August 2013

    haters gonna hate. i thought he was pretty darn good in judas.
  • Satan
    29 August 2013

    My name is Alex Sommerville and I played Satan. I don't know who Alex Sullivan is - he must be an impostor who will be joining me down here shortly. But many thanks for the nomination!
  • Editor
    30 August 2013

    Hey Alex! Thanks for letting us know. We hope to see you at The Hecklers next week. There was some confusion on your last name as you were nominated under 2 last names. We went with the one with the most tallies. Didn't mean to offend! It has been changed.

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