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There's always tougher competition between the ladies in HK. There's more of us. It seems like there are less roles to go around and all the ladies in town are super talented. The ladies in this category are the cream of the crop; the best of the best.

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Mass disclaimer: all the photos in these nominee articles are the property of the artists who created these shows and the photographers who took them. We're writing these articles to help inform the public so they can make their decisions on the Heckler ballot.

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*Aisling McDonnell, Hairspray, Face Productions

Aisling McDonnell took on the role of Amber in Face Production's spring musical. Her American accent was great. She was an excellent villian and we couldn't wait to see her taken down a notch at Miss Teenage Hairspray!
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*Jacqueline Gourlay Grant, Glorious!, Sweet and Sour Productions

Ms. Grant has become a staple on the scene as an actress with serious chops. She won last year for her serious role in Iron. This year's nomination is for a more playful take on Florence Foster Jenkins, the "world's worst singer."
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*Marsha Yuan, When Rick Met Marsha

Marsha Yuan was the leading lady in a two man show that she helped create with Rick Lau.
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*Minna Cheung, The Learned Ladies of Mid-Levels, Shadow Players

Minna took on the role of Pamela in The Learned Ladies of Mid-Levels; which was a modern HK take on the Moliere classic. She was a "divine" tiger mother.
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*Bianca Cheung, Hairspray, Face Productions

Bianca was the lead role in Face Productions' spring musical. Playing Tracey she had to be triple threat that could sing, dance and act. That's no easy request.
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