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Designers are an integral part of the theatrical experience that often go under appreciated. We wanted to give special props to them by having a design category. *duh dum cha* Of course, the design world is very diverse and we would have loved to have different categories for the different kinds of design but it just wasn't possible.

So we just stuck all the various types of design into one category for this year. This doesn't mean we don't love designers... We love you very much. Please keep designing our sets and lighting our stages.

Mass disclaimer: all the photos in these nominee articles are the property of the artists who created these shows and the photographers who took them. We're writing these articles to help inform the public so they can make their decisions on the Heckler ballot.

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*Ian Pratley, Set Design, Shadowlands, Hong Kong Players

Ian Pratley's set for Shadowlands was really beautifully done and required a lot of period furniture. No easy task in HK.
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*Joe Fiorello, Video Design, #HKproblems_theplay

Since he's nominated for video design it's probably best to show you one of the videos off of their youtube page.
Read the Review.

*Kenix Ho, Set Design, Hairspray, Face Productions

Kenix's set for Hairspray was fabulous. The turn tables she used allowed it switch scenes quickly. The colors and shapes were great too!
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*Minna Cheung and Joseph Lin, Set Design, The Learned Ladies of Mid-Levels, Shadow Players

The set design for Learned Ladies made very good use of a small stage. It had to make enough room for the action and for the live string quartet that played during the show. Does anyone have a picture of it? We'd love to post it here!
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*Jennifer Fong, Costume Design, Vixens Burlesque, The Vixens Christmas Extravaganza

Lingerie leaves little to the imagination. Dressing a cast of 14 in their Christmas themed undies was no easy task for Miss Fong. We loved the sexy reindeer!
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