Note from a House Manager


Dear Rude Audience Member,

Hi! How are you? You may not remember me but I'm the girl you called "a bitch" a couple months ago. I was working the door at a local stage show doing the usual: ripping tickets, handing out programs, running the front of house, being my fabulous self. I know you were late to the show but I'm very sorry you couldn't enter until intermission. Yes I know, I'm a big 'ol meany but if you needed to see this "stupid show" for a class perhaps you should have been on time? Just sayin...

You don't endear yourself to me by insulting me or my art form. Getting on your phone in the lobby and talking loudly to your friend whilst calling me mean names won't also solve the problem. I'm sorry we couldn't give you a partial refund for the half of the show you missed. Theatre tickets don't work like that.

And finally, I'm sorry I wouldn't tell you all about the show so you could write your paper...


Your friendly neighborhood House Manager

PS- I know what gweilo means...


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