Official Notice-Changes-Comment Section


In the next couple of days you're going to see some changes come to HKELD.

Most noticeably you're going to see a big overhaul in how our comment section is managed. We felt it best to make a blog posting to talk about these changes and how it will affect your use of the site.

1) All comments containing HTML code will automatically be blocked.

2) HKELD will reserve the right to remove any comments with flaming intentions or defamatory statements in them. IE- "_________ is a stupid whore" is considered a flame comment and will be removed as it has nothing to do with the artistic merit of a production. For more information on flames please use these links:  and

3) Of course, we hope that our site will continue to be an open forum for audiences and artists to share their feelings about the local art scene. Constructive criticism is one the best things an artist can get and later grow from. The key word here is constructive. Think before you type.