Pacific Place presents: Where Fortune Takes Flight


To celebrate The Year of the Pig, Pacific Place proudly presents “Where Fortune Takes Flight”.An exploration of the traditional spring garden filled with colourful kites, symbolising good luck and prosperity for the year ahead, and take in spectacular festive dance and musical performances.


More than 60 kites will soar through Pacific Place, rising through the air and spreading goodwill and blessings to everyone. Created exclusively for Pacific Place by Hong Kong artist, Queenie Rosita Law, each kite is based on traditional fixtures of Chinese New Year – octagons for good fortune, butterflies for positivity, and circular candy boxes for completeness and unity. The perfect balance of tradition and modernity, Pacific Place is the place for the whole family to celebrate Chinese New Year.


“Kites have always reminded me of having fun with my family when I was younger. They bring back an incomparable feeling of happiness, like when you feel a kite soar in the sky for the very first time,” says the artist. “Taking inspiration from this feeling especially during festive times, I have scattered these nostalgic elements across the designs of the kites, such as the circular shape of the traditional Chinese candy box (全盒) placed on relatives' tables, the octagon shape which symbolizes good fortune and wealth, and the blooming flowers that look like fireworks reminiscent of the arrival of spring. I hope to remind everyone of these simple joys and the importance of spending time with your loved ones during Chinese New Year!


Throughout the Chinese New Year period, visitors at Pacific Place will be entertained by festive performances in celebration of the Year of Pig. Inspired by the theme of ‘Where Fortune Takes Flight, ‘Heel Off The Line Dance’ and ‘Sonata Elite’ will be presenting a series of dances and musical performances. ‘Heel Off The Line Dance’, a dynamic dance group from Hong Kong, has exclusively choreographed a sequence for Pacific Place, aptly titled ‘A Great Fresh Start’ to welcome another year of new beginnings. “Sonata Elite” will proudly perform a selection of classical Chinese New Year songs, using traditional Chinese instruments including the guzheng and yangqin, with a contemporary twist, bound to lift spirits and welcome the new year with enthusiasm and grace.

The installation is presented until February 23.


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