Phantom Comes to Hong Kong




On Monday HKELD was invited to see The Phantom of the Opera costume exhibit at 1010 in Central, interview the stars and get a special preview of the performance. Musical lovers world-wide have fallen in love with Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical and it's very exciting that Phantom will be in Hong Kong for such an extended run. Find out all the info about the show times and ticket prices on our calendar here.



For those wanting a little extra in their Phantom experience, the costume exhibit at 1010 is recommended. It will be playing through December 31st at their flagship store on Wellington St. There are costumes for various characters, Michael Crawford's mask on display and a special QR feature that allows you to see and interact with the original sketches.







Want to hear more about the show?

Check out our podcast interview with the Phantom, Brad Little.

He's been playing the part, on and off, for 20 years! (That's a lot of practice...)


Photo credits: matty_gilles and mmcgurgan


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