Pictures and Words of Clockenflap


Over the past weekend we were invited to check out Clockenflap, Hong Kong's biggest and best outdoor music festival. We typically don't cover music events at HKELD but this year Clockenflap turned it up a notch and included theatre, music, visual art and performance art in their coverage.

Enjoy our pics and quotes we got from festival goers!


"I look forward to Clockenflap every year. I wasn't disappointed by this year's performances."- Jaime, 23


"Fun for everyone and great bands."- Michael, 42


"It's the best outdoor festival all year!"- Steven, 17


"They made a lot of effort to make it entertaining for kids."- David, 39


"My least favorite thing was the card system for the food. I think they could have done Octopus or cash. The queues on Friday were ridiculously long. I waited an hour to fill up and then another hour to get food."- Ping, 21


"There were a lot of holes in the grass. I think people with mobility issues were struggling a bit on finding places to sit and enjoy the music or find handicap accessible bathrooms."- Connor, 27


"The flower crowns were beautiful. What a great idea!"- Molly, 26


"Clockenflap is always fun to attend. It's easy to see the things that can be improved but think about how much work went into all of this."- Matthew, 50


"I liked the integration of theatre and dance into this year's festival."- Tia, would prefer not to say


"The best Clockenflap yet!"- Michelle, 24




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