Podcast Questions- Girls! Girls! Girls!


Today we're recording our podcast with 3 super talented ladies of the stage in HK. We'll be talking to women involved with three projects: Glorious!, The Learned Ladies of Midlevels, and Chastity Belt.

Our topic for the blog will be women's issues in entertainment.


Submit your podcast questions here!

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  • Mr Shrewd
    25 April 2013

    What does the team think about the 'all female' Shrew which comes to HK from the London Globe this September - a gimmick or a valid way to re-appraise gender roles in the context of a classic?
  • Molly
    25 April 2013

    Have they deal with sexism?
  • shinya
    25 April 2013

    Women in modern society are being multiple roles in their daily life, are they encourage women to break the rule?

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