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Today we'll be recording our podcast with 2 exciting art events that are coming up this month. We're pleased as punch to have members of the creative team behind the new musical, Good Morning Hong Kong.

Both of these events are huge undertakings. We're curious what it takes to create a brand new musical?

Our theme of the podcast is organization. You can ask any questions you like about the creative process. Design, sponsorship, casting, writing... the doors are open on this one.


Ask your questions below or on our social media pages.

Happy listening!

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  • Lana
    09 May 2013

    If the show's about celebrating Hong Kong why are the lead actors not local performers?
  • Jade
    09 May 2013

    Why did they post pone their opening?
  • Ping
    09 May 2013

    The show looks very expensive from the ads. As a Cantonese theatre artist we often have trouble finding sponsors. How did they go about finding the money for the show? The APA in it's self is a huge expense. We'd love some tips!
  • Kevin
    09 May 2013

    What difficulties have they faced creating a world premiere musical? Any backstage drama we can hear about? Is it like Smash on TV?
  • Lima Bean
    09 May 2013

    Is the show good for both english and chinese speaking audience?

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