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As the festive season approaches, Hong Kong is getting ready to celebrate all the events that come with it- including shows! December looks busy, especially for Sweet and Sour Productions who are now bringing "A Christmas Carol" to the stage.


A classic tale of redemption,  "A Christmas Carol" narrates the story of its central character, Ebenezer Scrooge, who represents the cruelty and selfishness within society and the way that he is forced to confront his behaviour and change it, is highly entertaining and poignant. By staging a high-spirited intervention, the ghosts in the novella show Scrooge, and the reader, that it is never too late to recognise and change the error of our ways. 

"When adapting it- director Candice Moore says-  I chose to combine Dickens’ dialogue with my modern, humorous take on the tale. Like a family reunited on Christmas day, it is packed full of comedy, drama, songs and the joy of Christmas! My favourite film adaptation was made in 1951, starring Alastair Sim as Scrooge, and I watch it every Christmas!" 

The team has been rehearsing since the end of October and, without a doubt,  the show will appeal to
children and adults. The audience will see the settings and characters change right before
them, which is, of course, always exciting.



Miss Moore is currently working in two different productions; after "A Christmas Carol", her next project, Hong Kong Love Stories, will be staged in January. 

"It’s both challenging and stimulating to work on two productions- she says- The key is to be organised and to work with a strong, experienced creative team. I’m loving it!"

The cast of Christmas Carol varies from well-known faces, like Barry O-Rorke (playing Scrooge), Michael Sharmon (playing Jacob Marley/Bob Cratchit/Mr Fezziwig/Beau/Joe/Charles.), Kath O’Connor (playing Clergywoman/Blind lady/Lady 1/Mrs Fezziwig/Winnifred/Merchant 3/ Maud), and Jacqueline Gourlay Grant (playing The Ghost of Christmas Past/Fan/Belle/The Ghost of Christmas Present/The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come). 

Phillip Smith  (playing Clerk/Singer 1/Fred/Teacher/Dick/Tiny Tim/Merchant 2/Mr Dilber/Poulterer), and Veenesh Dubois (playing Undertaker/Singer 2/Lady 2/Roberta Cratchit/Merchant 1/Caroline) are the new two additions to the team. 


As most of the cast play multiple roles,  it’s important for the actors to differentiate between
each character. "We explore and experiment with this in rehearsals. The cast is also
responsible for most of the set changes, so that also takes 


"A Christmas Carol" runs on  December 5-8th at 7:30pm at HK Fringe Club Underground Theatre. Tickets price: $350, $280 Concessions.

Tickets available online at
and at the Fringe Club Box Office. There are special lucky draw prizes!


For more information about this production click here. 


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