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CSR Theatre is back on stage again with All In The Timing/A Minor Case of Murder. We had a sneak peak in December when the group first presented a few selected sketches from the work of David Ives, but this time they are back in full gear. Not only that: Christy Shapiro, director of the play and artistic director of the company, decided to pair Ives' work together with the original piece, A Minor Case of Murder. 



Both plays are highly comedic (our audiences better be prepared to laugh out loud) and they both explore timing, love, existentialism and wordplay.



David Ives’ All in the Timing includes six different and yet hysterically funny one-act pieces with a twist of wit, romance and absurdity. In Sure Thing, a man and a woman on a first date reset and start from the beginning each time they say the wrong thing. Words, Words, Words brings the idea of “infinite monkey theorem" -- the idea that if three monkeys were left in a room long enough with one another, they could eventually compose any given text, including Shakespeare’s Hamlet -- straight into reality. 




In The Universal Language, an inconspicuous young lady puts her trust in her tutor, who is changed for the better when he discovers that the language they both share is love-related. Philip Glass' Buys a Loaf of Bread is an existential piece with musical elements that reflects the work of the composer. In The Philadelphia, a man realises that to escape from his strange parallel universe he finds himself in, is to ask for the opposite of what he wants. Variations on the Death of Leon Trotsky treats the audience through the dying journey of the revolutionary, in a highly comedic way. 







CSR will present the original six, which are all unique but share the underlying theme of timing and love.  
Christy Shapiro is thrilled to present this work to the stage, and she is excited about working with a multi-talented cast of actors and musicians. Among the cast, we will see Dakota Duclo, on stage last week with Love Pings, as well as Namrata Bindra, who played Abigail Williams in The Crucible. Mary Jane Alejo, Graeme Morris and Roald Blijleven have also contributed with original music to the show. 


This double bill also features Paul Johnson’s original work “A Minor Case of Murder”, a hysterical piece that asks the question, “Does my story fit the evidence presented here?” It follows a man called 'Mr. Craig' who finds himself being challenged by the good cop/bad cop duo after they find his friend 'Mr. Hepelwhite' dead in his home and a witness claiming Craig's car was spotted speeding away. Mr. Craig insists there is a reasonable explanation, though stops short of confessing and leads the cops through several 'tall-tales' with each re-enactment ending with the good cop explaining why it could not have happened that way and Mr. Craig then readapting the story to fit the evidence. 



We look forward to a night of fun and laughter, but also to something to think about. For further information about this show, click here


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