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It's the time of the year when the theatre community is traditionally busy enhancing our city with shows and productions. Once again, Face Productions isn't missing the opportunity to shine on stage with another high-energy musical created from local talent; this time their musical of choice is "Catch Me If You Can". Based on the actual life story of con artist Frank Abagnale Jr, the musical is an adaptation of the movie directed by Steven Spielberg in 2002. 
"It’s never been done in Hong Kong, so we hope to bring a fresh piece of musical theatre to the stage. The music is unbelievably catchy".
In search of fame and fortune, precocious teenager Frank Abagnale Jr runs away from home and thereby begins an adventurous journey as he uses his imagination, and millions of dollars obtained from forged cheques, to successfully pose as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer. He lives the high life and wins the girl of his dreams. Eventually, Frank’s criminal conduct catches the attention of FBI agent Carl Hanratty who pursues him across America to bring him in.
The music, written by Terrence McNally is highly energetic, fast-paced and the perfect match for the insanely adventurous con artist's life.
Staging large scales musicals is always a challenge in Hong Kong, especially with cast and crew juggling their busy schedules and full-time occupations.  Full cast rehearsals often only happen towards the end of the rehearsal process. This issue doesn't, however, seem to put Face Productions off and they have never failed to entertain their audiences with top class musicals from "Footloose" to "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".
Face Productions’ "Catch Me If You Can" features a talented international cast and creative team. Andrew Swift plays Frank Abagnale Jr with Moe Moss and Stephen Bolton as his parents. Ralion Alonso portrays FBI agent Carl Hanratty, and Kat Alice Coetzee plays Frank’s love interest, the nurse Brenda Strong. Candice Caalsen as Director, Enrico Narvaez as Musical Director, Jessica Peralta as Vocal Coach and Kenix Ho as Producer form the stellar production team.
Their rehearsals process started in February - they have been working on this for over 3 months now. When we asked them if they had a favourite number they couldn't decide on one as they are all that good! The group is indeed very confident that local audiences will love the music. "There is a something for everyone. From gospel to Frank Sinatra. It has it all".
Face Production's "Catch Me If You Can" opens on June 9 at the APA Drama Theatre. Tickets are on sale at Urbtix. For more information, click here




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