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By: Thomas Chan


Who didn't love this movie growing up?


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, also known as Chitty, the Musical, is a stage musical based on the 1968 movie produced by Albert Broccoli. (No relation to the vegetable...) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tells the story of a an eccentric inventor named Caractacus Potts who, with the help of his children, Jeremy and Jemima, sets about restoring an old race car from a scrap heap. Soon, they discover the car has magical properties including the ability to take flight. However, trouble occurs when the evil Baron Bomburst desires the magic car for himself. It's a musical for the whole family. It includes catchy songs and wholesome values that anyone can enjoy.


Hong Kong's Face Productions is happy to be helping Chitty take flight in the Kong next month. The show is directed by Candice Caalsen, who headed last year’s award-winning Legally Blonde. Claire Johnson is choreographing, with Conor O’Grady as Assistant Director, Enrico Narvaez Jr as Musical Director, Jessica Peralta as Vocal Director, and Kenix Ho as Producer. The creative team has been working hard over the past few months to create a show that captures the innocence of childhood and wonder of discovering new things.


"The final Banquet scene has surprises galore that will keep everyone entertained, “Toot Sweets” will charm the hardest of hearts, and the Childcatcher scene will have children and adults alike hiding under their seats," says director Candice Caalsen. 



Face Productions has been nominated for several Hecklers in the past few years for their annual musical and has become known for creating shows that are not only fun but a great experience for the actors involved. Candice was thrilled to be working with a great cast. Her vision for the production was "To bring back those wonderful childhood memories to those who grew up watching the musical, and for first-time viewers to experience a fun-filled and entertaining piece of theatre." 


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a well-known show in the theatre community for many reasons. The music was written by the famous Sherman brothers, of Mary Poppins fame. The show even holds the current Guinness book of Records title for world's most expensive stage prop. The West End "Chitty Car" was valued at over £750,000 and even required the original production to remove parts of the theatre's revolving stage to be fully operational. 


We asked various members of the cast why they thought Hong Kong audiences would love "Chitty, the musical". Here's what they said:


Gus Scott, playing the Baron:

“The music above all. The great double entendres are strung throughout the show, keeping both adults and kiddiewinkies entertained."


Jade Elizabeth Du Toit, playing Goran the Spy: 

 “They would love it because while it’s fun for kids, the adults will be entertained too. The theme song is so catchy that everyone will wish they had a car that went “chitty chitty bang bang” just so they could sing along."


Samuel J. Craig, playing Caractacus Potts:

“Audiences will love CCBB because it’s uplifting, and full of music, dancing and powerful messages of teamwork and love."


Russell Boaz playing the Junkman, Captain, Inventor:

“I think audiences will love it because it’s a fun family musical with an amazing cast and crew."


As you can see, this cast is excited to share their work with the people of Hong Kong and show them the magic of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Take their advice and run to the box office before tickets sell out. Tickets are now on sale via HKTicketing. HKELD readers can even get a 10% discount by booking online and putting in code 16FPCBG10. 


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will be playing from June 10th to 12th at 7:30pm and 3pm on Sunday at the HKAPA Drama Theatre in Wanchai. Tickets are priced at 395HKD and 295HKD for the full production. There is also a junior production starring young actors for people that love adorable kids pretending to be adults. The tickets for the junior version are 275HKD and 175HKD. If you want more info or photos of the cast, check out the Face Productions Facebook page.


If you need any more reason on why you should attend, heed the advice of Candice Caalsen, "It’s truly scrumptious!"


For more information on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, click here.


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