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Closer, the latest  Sweet and Sour Productions' show, opens this Saturday. The team is once more led by director Candice Moore; before we check out the play, we are curious to hear from the actors and their leader how they put everything together and we look forward to seeing them all in action. 




"I chose to direct and produce this play as it tells a compelling and honest story of the intimate relationships between four flawed and emotionally complex characters. The writer, Patrick Marber, shows us that emotional and sexual relationships can be exhilarating, addictive, painful, and obsessive. The heart is a complex thing and we often tie ourselves in knots trying to get closer to the truth in our relationships with others. It is a searingly honest and unflinching examination of the power of love and attraction. One which I was drawn to and unable to resist!" Candice Moore said. 





Rebecca Leung (our Artist of the Month) plays Alice; she is originally from Hong Kong, while Bruno Lovric (Dan)  is from Croatia. Kelley Quinn (Anna) is from the USA and Rob Archibald (Larry) is from Canada. Needless to say, there is quite a diversity among this cast but the setting remains London, as presented in the play. "The diversity of the cast complements this setting as London is a cosmopolitan city where people of many different nationalities live, work and fall in and out of love together," Candice said.

"From the audition process, I could tell that the actors were expressive and uninhibited. I have built on this with the cast in the rehearsal process through extensive discussion and improvisation exercises. My approach is to foster a working environment that is open, supportive, creative and collaborative between the cast, creative team and I. We started rehearsing when the weather was really cold, and one of the actors tamed the weather by keeping a hot water bottle under her sweater at all times to keep warm. She hugged it very tightly!! Joking aside, I hope local Hong Kong audience will be stimulated, amused and engaged by the play. "




Closer opens this week on March 10 and runs through March 18.  Tickets are $290, $250 (Concessions for Students, Disabled, Senior Citizens).Tickets are available online, or in person at the HKRep Black Box: 8/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre (one hour prior to the performance).

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