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CCDC is proud to present a new production Fragile Beauty next week at the Kwai Tsing Theatre. Their next production is choreographed by Sang Jijia, with Dickson Dee as composer and inspired by fireworks. Sang was inspired by the "nature of glorious yet ephemeral fireworks." 


Originally from Tibet, Sang Jijia makes his comeback to CCDC as residential choreographer after touring in As If To Nothing. As a calm spectator, he makes use of his impressive dance technique and engrossing music to tell stories. "Everything disappears, like fireworks," he says.


"The most attractive part of contemporary art is that it opens space for the viewers to think, and lets them complete the creation of the artwork," says Sang. He wants to have a connection with his audience. They can combine their own experience to think about the changes of the city and people’s state of mind; or simply enjoy the energy and dynamic of dancers. "To prompt the audience to think, that’s the ultimate purpose of a performance."


Being quoted as being “the most perfect dancer” and after winning multiple dance awards, CCDC is thrilled to have him. Fragile Beauty will be his first production about Hong Kong, ruminating how individual choices are made under the age of unrest.


Coming back this time, I’ve a very different mentality; I want to know what has happened and what is happening in Hong Kong. We know there were many changes in the past few years. From the individual to the political, problems have appeared. I have a mind on that. Fragile Beauty is not based on any real story, nor just about Hong Kong or any specific region. Through this work, I tried to pull out myself to explore the behavior of urban people as well as their unanticipated mind.”



Dickson Dee is the composer of the original music for this project. He went through a unique process with Sang moving through field recording and sound samples that didn't work out as they thought. They then went onto plan B. Dee and Sang bonded through conversations about time and place before picking the final score for Fragile Beauty.


"The element that is still kept for now and quite near to origin is guitar. This time I adopted plenty of sounds of guitar in my music and also this is the first time to have vocals... Hence, the atmosphere expressed is quite fitting for Hong Kong. 


You know, once there are large events or commemorations periodically in Hong Kong, a song of a certain band would be played,and people would recognize it’s from a rock band.You would feel it when adopting element of guitar, it would coincide with our main theme. That so-called atmosphere is quite local... As a Hong Kong person, I would think if I adopt and hear such sound, with what I directly correlate is corresponding issue or time," says Dickson. 


He is looking forward to more collaborations with CCDC in the future. 


CCDC is renowned for reflecting the creativity of Hong Kong’s vibrant culture scene and presenting dance works to an audience of more than 50,000 people annually. It has represented Hong Kong, receiving 239 overseas invitations to perform on some of the world’s foremost dance stages and festivals in more than 30 major cities around the world. Fragile Beauty will tour Beijing later this year, performing at the Beijing Dance Festival this July.


CCDC’s commitment to education and development results in offering highly popular dance courses to more than 40,000 students and audience members each year. Make sure to support a great local dance institution by buying a ticket to what is sure to be a wonderful show!


Fragile Beauty is playing June 3rd and 4th at 8pm at Kwai Tsing Theatre. Tickets are now available on URBTIX.


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