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By: Meaghan McGurgan


Hong Kong's Aurora Theatre is set to present J. Lawrence and R. E. Lee's award-winning script, Inherit the Wind, next month at the Hong Kong Rep Black Box. A thought-provoking script set during the historical Scopes Trial in the 1920's it brings to the stage the issue of Evolution vs. Creationism. This is still a hot-button issue in many countries, especially in the US where teachers are prosecuted for either choosing/not choosing to teach evolution in the classroom.



The two main characters, Matthew Harrison Brady and Henry Drummond, represent each side of the central issue: Brady represents the fundamentalist views, and Drummond is an advocate for science and freedom of thought. The courtroom battle that ensues between these two famous attorneys is the focus of the play. The debate over creationism versus evolution has contemporary resonance, as evidenced by the play's numerous revivals and screen adaptations decades after its initial theatrical run.


What's really interesting about Inherit the Wind from a historical perspective is that, like The Crucible it took a historical event and fictionalized it to mirror a serious issue that was happening at the time it was written, the McArthy Trials. Censorship and freedom of expression has particular resonance in Hong Kong now with 'Internet Article 23' coming to debate over the next few weeks at Legco. 


"Inherit The Wind is a play that, ultimately, is about the right to think. This right is nowadays challenged more and more, particularly in the reality we live in," says Nicole Garbellini, the director and producer of the show. 



Conflict is not uncommon in today's society. We frequently see big issues played out on the screens of our computers and Facebook pages. It will be interesting to see what Hong Kong audiences think of Inherit the Wind taking controversial subjects back to the court room rather than the comment section...


Many recognizable faces from the Hong Kong theatre scene are in this production and it's easy to see why... This play has a huge cast of 24! On top of the seasoned performers, Aurora Theatre has stayed true to its mantra of helping new performers find their way in the Hong Kong art world and given many actors their first shot. There's even a couple of very talented child actors in this production.


"The play portrays a true story which happened in the 1920's but nowadays we are still facing this issue - the story is worldwide and keeps repeating itself," says Nicole. "It is highly recommended for Secondary Schools." Three words she used to describe the play are "controversial, timeless and challenging."


With words like that, what wouldn't make you want to run off to the box office and buy a ticket? Everyone loves a challenging and thought-provoking piece of theatre. It's nice to see a piece of work that is accessible for students. To encourage schools to bring kids and talk about the themes in the play Aurora Theatre is offering a group special for schools. Tickets are only 100HKD per ticket for students and teachers with a minimum group booking of 10 tickets. Q&A sessions will be happening after each matinee performance, to help students get a full educational experience. For more information on group bookings, please contact Nicole at


Regular ticket bookings for the show are also quite affordable. Tickets range from 220-300HKD. The matinee performances are cheaper than the evening shows, so if you're looking for a way to see the show and save a little, you're encouraged to see the matinees.



Inherit the Wind is playing from January 8th to 10th at the Hong Kong Rep Black Box in Sheung Wan, (8F, Sheung Wan Municipal Service Building, 345 Queen’s Rd Central, Sheung Wan). Weekday showtimes are 8pm and weekend showtimes have two showtimes with 3pm matinees and 8pm evening performances. 


Tickets are now on sale through URBTIX. They can be purchased online or through any of their box offices. For more information and updates on the production, please visit the Aurora Theatre Facebook page. They would like to thank The Globe for sponsoring this production and Aaron Michelson for taking the publicity photos that were used in this article.


For more information on Inherit the Wind, click here.



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