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A brand new piece of writing from Starlit Voice. When genius inventor, Georgie, is kidnapped by a time travelling vagabond, it’s up to Herbert to save her and the world. Starlit Voice and Drama School Hong Kong present Timeless, an original theatrical experience. This audacious odyssey will take audiences to the future, the past and everywhere in between as we follow Herbert on her epic adventure. After being handed a special clock by her eccentric aunt, Wells, Herbert takes the first step into a wide and fantastical world where she meets some of history’s most famous and infamous men and women and the future’s kookiest evolutionary dropouts. With the help of her school friends, Herbert must reach Georgie in time or else risk facing a very bleak future.


This grand quest through time and space features an ensemble cast of Hong Kong’s most accomplished theatre veterans and hottest emerging talent, promising a hilarious and heartwarming journey to save the world from a villainous villain capable of great… villainy.



1) Tell us more about Timeless Who wrote it/developed the script?



"This script has been written by Jan Brink. He humbly accredits our in-house designer Lymari Alberts, he writes “Thank you Lymari, if I hadn’t stolen your ideas, none of this would have been possible.” I still continuously chuckle to myself as I go over the numerous hilarious moments he has woven into the fabric of this time travel adventure, and we’re all very excited to finally release this to a Hong Kong audience".

Owen Liggett - Director




2) Why have you chosen to tell this particular story?



" I like adventure stories. I also like Sci-Fi. When I was young, I would’ve given anything to be able to time travel. Stories like this make that possible, to some small degree".

Jan Brink - Playwright


3) This is the first time that you are mixing adult actors with children. How is it coming along?



"I have never worked alongside an adult actor, but being able to learn from not one but three separate professional actors has been extremely enlightening and has taught me a lot more about acting as well as the inner workings of the theatrical entertainment industry. At the same time, working with adult actors has been surprisingly easy as well. The casual, lighthearted atmosphere and the ability to be able to have fun really bonds us together as an integrated DSHK family".

 Jaden Tsui – DSHK Member





Featuring Erica Ether, Denis Moldovean, Michael Szuc, Michael Sharmon, Vincent Warren with Drama School HK and Starlit Voice Students.

Owen Liggett - Director

J.M. Brink - Playwright

Lymari Alberts: Stage and Set Designer

Jonathan Daly: Production Manager

Dean Lea: Sound and Lighting Technical Director

Cherrie Lau: Costume designer

Vincent Warren: Artistic Director of Starlit Voice Company



4) How do you think the HK audience will respond to this new piece of writing?



"I think that Hong Kong audiences don’t have a lot of exposure to a diverse range of performances, but Timeless is indie, it’s fresh, and most importantly it is fun. The creation behind the story is organic and unique as the ideas of both the young cast and the writers have been used in the performance. The script has been written to be both witty and comedic, and will definitely be a new experience for Hong Kongers to enjoy".

 Jaden Tsui – DSHK Member



5) Any fun story to share?



"We have a fantastically fun (and funny) story to share. It’s called ‘Timeless.’ As a director, I believe in finding the game within each scene. I believe that if the actors are not having fun and enjoying what they are doing then neither can an audience. Actors were once called ‘Players’ for a reason. We have all had a lot of fun with this production and I hope that the audience will too".




Timeless opens on June 9 through June 10. Tickets are available at Ticketflap. For more information click here


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