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Titanic is one of those stories that never fails to impress. After more than one hundred years the true tale of the unsinkable ship still manages to move people from all over the world making mankind think "What if?"


Countless are the movie productions that narrate the story, but when it comes to stage performances, is there really just as much? Face Production have taken their new challenge onboard ( no pun intended) by presenting Titanic, The Musical. Given the scale of the title and the way Face Productions present their shows, we already know we are in for a treat. 


"We chose Titanic because the material is so different from what we have done in the past. We fell in love with the music as it’s extremely moving. The musical is based on the true stories of those on board the ship. We meet various characters who share their hopes, dreams and lives with us during that time rather than just focusing on one or two lead characters. 
We have a variety of performers in this cast ranging from first timers to professionals. Young and old join together to make this spectacular musical come to life". 

The team of Titanic is led by director Candice Caalsen, together with musical director Andrew Swift, (seen last year as the lead in Catch Me If You Can).  Jordan de Santis is in charge of the choreography, while designers Kenix Ho and Georgina Li are looking after set and costumes. The lights are designed by SiuBao Fong. 

Given the dedicated team that is behind the scene, we expect nothing short of amazing; yet, the group faced various challenges when they first started putting the production together. 

"Finding the cast members to fit the roles was extremely challenging as the songs are so vocally demanding. Trying to find so many men to fit the roles/characters was tough, but luckily the men we do have are strong enough to take on more than one role". 


"We have been rehearsing since January, however auditions were in December last year and pre-production meetings started a month earlier than this" musical director Andrew Swift mentioned. "One of my favourite numbers must be "Godspeed Titanic." Just the word Titanic is so evocative and in this number, it is the first time in the show that we have heard the word sung. At this stage it is sung with such hope and excitement - the word encapsulates all the hopes and dreams of its 2000 plus passengers. We as audience members hear it sung so triumphantly yet with the knowledge of the pure horror that is this ship's fate. It is incredibly moving and never fails to give me shivers".

Set and costumes designer Kenix Ho has a fun story to share: during auditions, many people took for granted that the theatrical version is based on  James Cameron's movie (people: always do your own research before you show up for an audition...). 
"Many people were unaware that Titanic The Musical is not a theatrical remake of the movie, and came to audition for the roles of 'Jack' and 'Rose'. These characters,  being fictitious creations for the movie, do not appear in the musical. One auditionee brought My Heart Will Go On for their audition piece! sigh."

Titanic opens this Friday. We wish Face Productions a fantastic week, even though right now they must be very busy. 

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