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Adam Harris is returning to the stage this month for a very good cause, raising money for charity through the production of "Underneath The Lintel".



Mr. Harris is not new to solo shows and he's certainly not new to this particular project: "I did this play several times, several years ago, for various charities. Once again the central message of looking beyond one's own existence and being open to the wider machinations of the Universe, with all its "trials and joys", seems particularly sage. Many people told me previously that they found the writing genuinely inspiring". 



"Underneath The Lintel" is a wonderfully layered script by a very clever American playwright (Glen Berger). Fundamental truths and explorations of what it means to be human are wrapped up in a story that at one level is very zany, very comedic and very fantastical. A librarian, living a very humdrum life, receives a book in his overnight slot that is being returned 113 years overdue. Outraged by the breaking of library rules he sets out to discover the truth and is drawn into a journey of discovery that will leave him changed forever.



Proceeds from the production will be donated to Sunrise Cambodia. "It is a wonderful charity that works tirelessly to give Cambodian orphans a better future. Geraldine Cox, the founder, is a truly inspirational woman and deserves help in her efforts. Hong Kong is suffering its own woes at the moment but there are people worse off in Asia".



As well as Adam Harris on stage as a solo performer, South African singing sensation Eli Zaelo will be lending her magical voice to proceedings.



"Underneath The Lintel" plays from October 30th through November 2nd at 8pm. For more information click here



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