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By: Theo Blake


"It is a challenging, thought-provoking play, full of suspense and with unexpected moments of humour."- Candice Moore, Director.

John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt was a smash-hit when it hit Broadway back in 2004. It walked away with tons of awards including Drama Desk Awards and Tonys. In 2005, it won Shanley the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and was widely praised by critics for exploring tough issues within the Catholic Church. It was then made into a movie with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep. Last year this production won 2 Hecklers for Best Director and Best Show. Sweet and Sour Productions is bringing their award-winning show back for a second run.


"It's been really different doing a re-run," says actress Vicki Rummun. "Because the words are pretty much there, we can use the rehearsal time to explore more, find new things and new detail. We still find ourselves constantly discussing the play - there are so many possible motivations and outcomes for each of the characters. It makes it so interesting for an actor." 

The play is set in 1963 at a fictional church school in the Bronx, New York. Father Flynn is a priest well loved by all in his parish except the school's principal, Sister Aloysius. She’s rigidly firm in believing Father Flynn has sexually molested one of the students.



Heather Cooper plays Sister James, a very young and enthusiastic nun and teacher who wants to believe the best in people and is often the voice of hope in the script. “I’m the most like the audience themselves, I feel. I don’t know whether he did it or not, who is telling the truth,”  said Heather last year in an interview to HKELD. Most of the creative team from last year's production are returning, giving those who missed out last year an opportunity to catch the show.


Alexandra Jacobs is playing Mrs. Muller, a small but pivotal part in the story. "I think the inspiration to play these characters comes from the deep contradictions in each of them. Just like the script can be interpreted in several different ways (and we definitely have our own interpretations) the strengths and weaknesses of each character are completely different depending on your perspective and life experience both past and present. This makes revisiting the script very rewarding."


The acting team overall is very excited to see what audiences will think about the production. The addition of Q&A sessions to the last run added an enlightening part of the process, allowing the audience to discuss their thoughts on the story and on larger subjects, like religion. The actors and director loved hearing the feedback.


Rob Archibald is playing the controversial, Father Flynn, "The audience will enjoy Doubt I think because the story will challenge you, the writing asks many questions, and the audience members will need to decide for themselves what the truth is. Although the story is set in a Catholic school in the Bronx in 1964, the story is still very relevant. The play is not about religion per se as the setting might suggest."



Doubt is playing at the Hong Kong Rep Blackbox at the Sheung Wan Civic Center from June 3rd to 6th. Evening performances are at 8pm and matinees are at 3pm on weekends. Tickets are 250HKD with discounts for full time students, seniors and persons with disabilities. Tickets are available on URBTIX. Due to adult content the show is being recommended for ages 14 and up. It is 90 minutes long without an interval.


There will be post show talk-backs with the cast after each performance to help audience members work through their own “doubts”. It is highly suggested that audience stick around for this part.


When asked why audiences will enjoy Doubt, Vicki summarized it neatly: "Doubt is a play which will really engaged an audience and require them to make their own conclusions. These are often very different to those they've gone with - which makes for a lot of post play discussions at the pub! Last year I got many emails with people expressing their strong opinions or asking for some answers. But of course the play is called Doubt.. It's supposed to be uncertain!!"

For more information about Doubt, click here.




  • Gina
    22 May 2015

    Wonderful show lasst year. Go see it!

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