Promo video- L'Amour Immortel- Hong Kong Dance Company


The futile love between man and ghost has long carried metamorphic connotations in Chinese literature. Women, in particular, were depicted as ingenious, headstrong and bold – contrary to the gentle, motherly yet oppressed figures in history. For some, the existence of these ghostly women became their silent cry against patriarchy, while others saw an outlet for their fantasy. 





L’ Amour Immortel is the most enduring story from the literary classic Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, written by Pu Songling three centuries ago. It chronicles the star-crossed encounter between Nie Xiaoqian, a beautiful, bewitching ghost, and good-natured scholar Ning Caichen. Nie has been coerced by the devil to prey on humans, but loses her heart to the truthful scholar. The lovers must traverse the shadowy underworld, defending their love and freedom. Will Nie defy the netherworld to save her love from the evil force, even at the cost of her own afterlife?

L’ Amour Immortel celebrates the beauty of love and humanity. Gripping and heart-thrilling, the poignant story has been repeatedly adapted for cinema and television, making it a time-honoured household name.


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