Review- BRIEFS- Udderbelly


By: Matthew Gillespie


Bawdy, Brazen and Bootylicious are the boys in BRIEFS.


BRIEFS is a self-proclaimed Circus, Drag, Burlesque Show that is a part of the ‘Udderbelly Festival’. These boys hail from Down Under but the Udderbelly is an international festival coming to Hong Kong from Edinburgh. They've been set up on the Central Harbourfront since December. This performance takes place inside the big purple cow (once you’re at the festival area, you really can’t miss it).  


This show is presented by six gifted performers who pack the evening with a wide array of entertainment.  


We are greeted by a male burlesque striptease that quickly lets you know what the evening is all about.  We are then guided through our evening by the sensational Shivannah who is in part host, drag performer, magician, and (ummm, kind of...) quick change artist.  


Lucky Charm is the silent but sassy butler and performance artist who steals moments throughout the show with the smallest of glances.  


We are then introduced to Louis Biggs who will charmingly insure you never look at children’s lunch pails and toys quite the same way again.  


Thom Worrell leaves the audience holding their breaths as he performs aerial stunts on silk scarves and swinging rings.  


The Evil Hate Monkey is an award winning burlesque performer from Las Vegas that has you laughing, oohing, and ahhing all in the same breath.  


Dallas Dellaforce steals the stage by bringing back some moments reminiscent of the late great Divine. 


They also have an Australian classic — a raffle — that you will definitely want to take part in.  


There is a non-stop array of acrobatics, comedic antics, raunchy innuendo, circus feats, sexy moments and just good ol' fun packed into one hour. The last is certainly the greatest misfortune of the evening—… it just isn’t long enough. It will certainly leave you wanting more.  


As made clear by the performers and marketing materials, this show is in no way intended for anyone under the age of 16.  Also, if you are easily offended by sexuality, cursing, scantily clad men and laughter, you won’t want to attend.  But, if you are in need of an evening filled with great entertainment, lots of laughs and a rousing good time, it is well worth your time.  


They are playing for the rest of the week. You may go to more information and get your tickets through Ticketflap. If you want to get warmed up this winter (in more ways than one) you don’t want to miss this one.  


BRIEFS in playing through January 31st. For more information, click here.


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