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By: Lizzi Wood


If you need a reminder not to overindulge this Christmas or need some motivation to keep the new fitness regime you’ve vowed this New Years get yourself down to Cirque Adrenaline! Last night I attended the Gala Premiere of the ‘Death-Defying Extreme Circus’ and my goodness those performers were FIT!! They were agile, they had stamina and their strength was unbelievable. 


The opening was an explosive performance by ‘The Extreme Team’ with lots to look at. There were dancers and acrobats; they used the whole stage and even parts of the auditorium nearest the stage (presumably the VIP area). The childish fear of missing out reared its ugly head because I wanted to be able to watch everything and with so much going on, and sitting behind the tallest lady in the world, I found myself wriggling in my seat to make sure I didn’t miss anything. 


Dizzy the Clown took to the stage and used the audience to get the laughs, getting us clapping along to different rhythms and calling upon audience members to come up to the stage. The second time he called audience members to the stage he brought up four men and got them doing stupid dances; there were a couple of parts during the act where I felt it dragged a little and this was one of them but the ending to this four man section was absolutely hilarious. I was still laughing well into the beginning of the next act.  He also performed a very comical balloon routine which I was thoroughly entertained by.  


The majority of the show ran seamlessly from act to act but some of those with large equipment or set pieces left us waiting a little longer, The Wheel of Death for example. I’m not sure if they were assuring the security of the equipment (fair enough) or trying to build up the anticipation and suspense of ‘perhaps the world’s riskiest and most dangerous act’ but it wasn’t until after the show when I read that it spins up to 25 miles per hour that I really was wowed by it. Don’t get me wrong, there were some moments where my heart was in my mouth with the performers on top of a wheel each, blindfolded and not a crash mat or safety net in sight but that little piece of information really topped it off for me; from far back in the audience the magnitude and speed of this equipment was perhaps lost a little. If the show has somewhere to improve it's the transitions between the acts.


The Strongmen displayed amazing strength, skill and agility whilst the Duo Strap, Aerial Lyra and Flying Trapeze were all executed with astounding strength, grace and beauty. The performers all made it look effortless and natural as they flew through the air, throwing themselves to be caught by another person also suspended mid-air or contorting their bodies into unimaginable shapes. One trapeze performer fell; luckily the safety net caught him and he was seemingly unscathed and continued the performance quickly and professionally, a great reminder of actually how dangerous these acts are. The Aerial Lyra act was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, I’ve seen contortion and I’ve seen aerial hoop but never together - it was a real spectacle. The Extreme Fire performance was incredibly entertaining - a refreshing break from the dangerous heights of previous acts, enabling me to breathe again!  Another beautiful and well-choreographed act was the High Bar where the performers moved fluidly around their equipment whilst in the foreground duets dance interesting and reflective sequences. Lastly the Extreme Freestyle Motocross, I’ve seen many Motocross acts and whilst these are undeniably fantastic performers with a brilliant act (made especially evident by many gasps from the audience) it did feel a little bit random and stilted the show somewhat for me. 


Cirque Adrenaline is one of those shows where one minute you’re sat in awe, admiring the beauty, and the next you don’t want to watch but simultaneously you can’t help not wanting to blink. Not only did my stomach flip, heart in my mouth, but at times I actually felt sick – particularly notable during the Rolla Bolla act where the height of his precarious balancing and weight transferring was almost too much for me at times. It’s a great family friendly show with something for everyone but it’s only here until January 3rd so get your tickets quick!! 


Cirque Adrenaline is playing through January 3rd. For more information, click here.


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