Review- Discord of Discourse- KrisP. Production


By Rhian Widdowson




If you’re looking for an ‘outside of the box’ performance, this performance delivers. KrisP. Productions have produced another original, thought-provoking and intelligent contemporary performance.

‘If art and science were in love what would it look/be/sound like?’

The director, Khairul Kamsani, explores the juxtaposing positions of arts and science through the relationship of two characters; a linguistic anthropologist and a quantum physicist, Jean and Jean (pronounced John). It’s a developing love story (but not just a love story so keep reading if that isn’t your thing), with two people who share the same space but are from two worlds. In the Q & A after the show, Kamsani discussed how we all share the same space but have different stories and often can’t understand each other even though we try.

The production is firmly focused on the internal and external dialogue between the two, although it's interesting to see how much is also said without words. Without giving too much of the plotline away, as this is a performance that needs to be watched to be understood, Discord of Discourse really dives deep into the contrasting world's of art and science, and how the two are perhaps more inextricably linked than first appears. It explores the difficulties and differences we have in communicating, and how perhaps we cannot fully understand anyone’s meaning apart from our own.

Using a traverse stage setting with only one row (, meaning no tall or constantly moving people blocking your view!), the performance becomes intimate very quickly. You are able to notice every rejection of eye contact, every look of hurt or happiness behind the characters eyes. There is no set design and the only props are two white cubes. However, this added to the performance and would’ve taken away from the chemistry between the actors and the unfolding complexity of the piece. In my opinion, the use of audio is both their set design and prop.

The use of audio is very clever and is used to change the setting as well as to show a change in time (whether this is forwards or backwards), for example from Brazil to a hospital. Audio is also used to voice the characters thoughts, their unspoken words, musical accompaniment, even a bad wifi connection. Although the importance of different sounds is unclear at first, as an audience member you begin to see the repetition and work out the meanings behind the sounds, with no spoken language necessary to explain this.

There are also other clues to help you unfold meanings behind this performance, ones which I don’t want to mention as will ruin the level engagement and connection you will feel. Look out for the smallest movement, body language and repeated moments from the actors, don’t miss a thing. All these small connections are linked and will help the story to unfold in your mind. 

This is a creative and inextricably connected performance. Thought-provoking and introspective throughout, with captivating performances from both Kristina Pakhomova and Alexander Zorn, Discord of Discourse makes us think about our own communicative habits and question how much we truly understand about one another. I highly recommend to go and see this performance, to challenge your own thoughts and your own interactions, verbal and non-verbal, with others. I look forward to seeing more works by KrisP. Productions.


Kristina Pakhomova is currently creative director of KrisP Productions, a Hong Kong Theatre Company that actively collaborates with playwrights and actors around the world and often conducts workshops for adults to further explore their creativity or interests in acting. Visit KrisP's website at

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