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By: Meaghan McGurgan

Now, before I get started on this review... I know the expat community doesn't like travelling out of the safety zone of the Island when it comes to their artistic endeavors. Even coming to TST for the Cultural Center can be a stretch for some audience members. But trust me! There is a lot going on in Hong Kong outside of the safety zone. It can be a little difficult to find and their English-"shu" may not be so good but you will be rewarded with experiences that wouldn't ever play in venues like the Shouson or the Civic Center. Tonight I attended Hane G which was part of the Hong Kong Peoples Fringe Festival. It took place at the Theatre Horizon in Tai Kok Tsui. I have to admit, I got lost finding the theatre. Give yourself a good twenty minutes to find the place from Prince Edward MTR. It's in an industrial building where the number is a little difficult to see. They have marked it with posters. The building is also NOT handicap accessible, so be prepared to walk up a lot of tiny stairs.

Hane G is a physical dance and theatre piece that is created and performed by two Japanese performers Rei Hashimoto and Makoto Matsushima. It's an avant garde piece and fits perfectly inside Theatre Horizon's blackbox. It's no frills. Just talented people showing their stuff in an intriguing and visually interesting way. It's unique. It's different. They presented tonight something that was thought provoking and beautifully staged.

Borrowing choreographic styles from modern dance, Kabuki, Buhto, puppetry, and even some Brechtian movement thrown in, be prepared for a show that is all about exploring movement. The knitting section was my favorite of the show that I saw tonight. The performer (Hashimoto) showed incredible speed and balance. It was stunning to watch. She took an ordinary every day task and turned it into something extraordinary. And isn't that what great art is supposed to do?

The props are simple and elegantly used. Nothing is frivolous or gimmicky. The crabs were something I had never seen done before and the way that Matsushima was able to create a whole other character with just simple hand movements was an astonishing feat as a performer. The designs of the piece were as much a part of the show as the actors themselves. This show plays a lot with stillness, silence and eliminating vision as a sensory element from the audience. It's a complete show experience.

Now, when advertising this piece, they said it was performed in Japanese and English. I'd say it's about 80% Japanese and 20% English but you don't need Japanese skills to understand how good this show is. Completely worth the money and the trip out to Tai Kok Tsui. Highly recommended to any fellow artists, this is a show that will make you think what you can do with your talent when given the bare minimum. Braver audience members who appreciate the avant garde will also enjoy Hane G. I see a lot of shows with this job and I think this is one of the best I've seen all year!

Hane G is playing at Theatre Horizon through Saturday. For more information please click here.

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  • Henry
    15 December 2012

    Saw this on your recommendation and loved it. Thanks!
  • BB
    15 December 2012

    Great show! The old guy is amazing!

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