Review- Post-Perception/Transcendence- CCDC


by Justine Denning





CCDC has brought us another outing in Post-Perception/Transcendence with choreography from Sang Jijia and dramaturgy from Tang  Shu-wing.  This ensemble is focusing upon the concept of  'Consciousness' and how to be 'conscious', which in their interpretation is the body and essence itself being aware, not necessarily the mind. Through this subject matter, the production touches on this concept of life, death and ultimately the bare bones of human nature.

Well renowned for his partiality for minimalist theatre, director Tang Shu-wing has composed a spiritual experience in keeping with this preference; the stage is blank and bare-boned, the colours a dark palette of blacks, whites and greys. The use of these particular colours is highly suggestible; the audience is immediately drawn towards the connotations and impressions of life and death and the beyond, the suggestion of transcendence. These colours are also used in the design of the dancers' plain tunics to represent the alteration in their state of being.  

A singular white ladder is also placed on the stage, which casts an angular shadow throughout the production; its symbolism is left for audience interpretation. In moments where the performers are seeking solitude on its rungs or desperately attempting to climb higher, it can't be helped but to believe that this is a representation of enlightenment. 

Another staging worth noting is the placement of mirrors at the back of the stage. Their use is highly attractive as they create a means of passage for the performers, manoeuvering them at will; mirrors themselves are often used as symbols for self-reflection.  Who we see in the mirror is not necessarily the true self and that usage is once again left for the audiences own (dare I say it?) reflection. 

The performers, in following the rigorous choreography from Sang Jijia, are attentive to every detail. The sequences performed in unison are flawlessly executed and the dancers' poise and control wonderful to behold; they break bricks in moments of madness, they collapse and are reborn in discord, but they do so beautifully. Even the moments of pure insanity, such as where they descend to an animal state, surrounding others, barking, shrieking and howling, are effected elegantly and poignantly. 

Some moments lacked clarity and some sequences were absent of justification, such as uncomfortable moments of prolonged sickening laughter (but then again perhaps that was the point).  Overall, though, this is another strong analysis of the human psyche and soul by the CCDC. 

This production has now closed. For more information click here.


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