Review- The Odyssey Of Little Dragon- Contemporary City Dance Company


By Nicole Garbellini




Hong Kong has always had a soft spot for Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee; countless have been the movies, exhibitions and artworks dedicated to him, and this time Contemporary City Dance Company pays homage to the ultimate Kung Fu master by honouring his art through an immersive journey called The Odyssey Of Little Dragon, showing at Shatin Town Hall. 


Because of his endless dedication towards martial arts through philosophy and hard work, Bruce Lee is still adored and respected in both the Chinese community and the Western world, and his story still attracts and interests people of any age all over the world. 


His charismatic life inspired Assistant Artistic Director of CCDC Dominic Wong to choreograph the dance theatre show, which explores the life of the young master and his journey through success, stressing his pursuit and struggle for self-worth. 


The performance is a collection of different moments of Bruce Lee's life;  the stage is bare, but the use of projections and various costumes (put together by emerging fashion designer Yeung Chin) contribute to a solid and vibrant effect. 


One of the highlights for me was US College Student, where a young Bruce Lee (portrayed by Jacko Ng)  excels at dancing the Cha-Cha while in college in the USA. The projections in this number made the final result fun and unique. At some point, I wished I could join the dancers on stage and dance with them. 


Another beautiful moment was marked by He Min as Bruce and Chen Yijie as Linda in their early love story. The dance was poetic and the costumes worn by the dancers suited the purpose beautifully, adding extra layers of romance. 


The cast included seasoned CCDC dancers, as well as a group of enthusiastic, dedicated children who immediately made the show even more accessible to the young generations. 


The Odyssey of Little Dragon is a highly entertaining performance that spreads the word of martial arts philosophy and commitment but also aims to inspire self-transcendence in youths, encouraging them to work hard to achieve their goals just like Bruce Lee did.  


This performance has now closed. 

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