Review- Trash Test Dummies- Udderbelly


By: Matthew Benson


There are thrills, spills and laughs aplenty in this one hour show from Trash Test Dummies. Garbed in traditional construction gear, these guys put on one hell of show that both parents and kids will delight in. 


Being from New Zealand, I'm used to seeing this kind of street performance before. It's a fun style of clowning, that is accessible to everyone regardless of language barrier. But I'm sure to some Hong Kong audiences this show is something new. I saw kids laugh and be grossed out by the idea of playing and jumping in rubbish bins. Perhaps it's because everyone in HK is a germaphobe? Theatre and rubbish bins have been seen before in STOMP and other variations, but I appreciated that this show attempted to do something so theatrical with such a small cast. The clowns worked hard to make sure the show appeared larger than life, despite the small stage and small number of performers. 


The nonsensical language for dialogue, (reminiscent of HK favorite, Mr. Bean,) and setting up of contrasting characters delineates the sub-plots and elevates the humour to a truly universal show. This is a production that is tailor built for a Hong Kong audience. Their reactions are loud, fast, and furious. And there are explosions... Who doesn't love a good explosion?


The best part about the show is the interaction between the performers and the kids. They are wonderful with children and take great effort to make sure that every child in the audience feels special. The constant laughs and oohs from every age in the house came to a hugely-deserved roar of approval at the end. I might be the "critic" for this show but the most important people for this one seemed to be the children and the tiny humans most definitely gave Trash Test Dummies, two thumbs up! 


Trash Test Dummies is playing at Udderbelly until February 10th. For more information, click here.




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