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By: Meaghan McGurgan

ECHOA by Arcosm Company is a feast for both the ears and eyes. It’s being presented this weekend by the LCSD at the Studio Theatre in TST.

Its tag line is: “See the music. Hear the dance.” An interesting concept for a show; very simply put. I was intrigued by the idea for the show before I went in. But I wondered were they going to be able to portray their idea as clearly as they stated it in their poster?

The show is clean and simple in its execution of a complex idea. It’s a fusion of dance and music. For audience members who are fans of shows like Cirque du Soleil and STOMP this show is highly recommended. It does what they do with a very small cast of four. The minimal set and lack of flash allows you to really pay attention to the details in the movement and listen to the unique quality of the music choices. The music is infectious, the dancers have excellent technique and their expression when they move makes you fully invested in their performances.

Choreography by Thomas Guerry is great. His ability to fuse the choreography so seamlessly with the musicians is wonderful. Having the band on stage or the performers playing instruments isn’t anything new but the band is a character in ECHOA. The production is staged well. Original music by Camille Rocailleux is beautiful. New music shouldn’t be underestimated in a production. You have to love they took the time to create original compositions for the piece.

I wish the lighting could have been a little more dramatic in parts. It would have helped take some of the moments to the next level. Overall, the production is really special, entertaining and an experience that people from all cultures can appreciate. Shakespeare said that music is the food of love. Arcosm Company showed their love for the audience with a show that is all about the love of performing.

ECHOA is playing at the Grand Cultural Center in TST though Sunday. For more information, click here.

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