Review-Miracle Fun, Funny Puppetry-Omar Alvarez Titeres Puppetry Arts Company


By: Meaghan McGurgan

I'm basically a big kid. So when I got invited to come and review a puppetry show I got pretty excited. I love puppets and feeding my inner child. Miracle Fun, Funny Puppetry is a one man touring puppet show by founder and one man band, Omar Alvarez Titeres. The company was founded in Argentina in 1987. The company aims to develop puppetry arts in Argentina, spread the love of puppetry around the world and pursue the highest level of aesthetic in puppetry.

Miracle Fun is a great little show for kids. Something cool that Titeres does is that he uses his whole body to make the puppets. I think his most clever puppet is one that's made out of his entire leg. He sits on the stage and turns his leg into a bird-like character. Kids were delighted with how transformative the actor was. His hands became one creature in sketch and 5 minutes later we were looking at a completely different animal made out of his back.

It's not the "highest level of aesthetic" in puppetry that I've ever witnessed but it's a very cute show and very entertaining for kids. Wording for the show is mainly done in Spanish/English. I think it's a great show for people from the Spanish expat community to take their kids to; very few shows come to HK in their native Spanish. It was easy to understand and language barriers didn't hamper any of the entertainment value. My Spanish is at a Sesame Street level and I understood most of the Spanish dialogue.

Titeres' choice of music and dance for the show was very smart. It was very fun and made you want to get up and do the cha cha with him. He had great interaction with the children in the audience and a wonderful stage presence. The lighting for the show could have been tighter. Some cues seemed to be off in their timing which led to the magic being lost.

Tickets for the show range from 130 to 180HKD for about an hour long show. There is no intermission and late comers are not admitted, so best be punctual.

I recommend this show for anyone who has little kids. It's great fun and something different for them to experience. Adults with older kids might not find this the right show for them; it requires you to be very silly and fully immerse yourself in a land of magic birds made out of legs.

Miracle Fun, Funny Puppetry is playing at various locations in Hong Kong until April 6th. For more information, click here.

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