Review-P.S. Your Cat is Dead!- NAIAD Productions


By: Cindy Kim

The world is out to get Jimmy Zoole, who has had a terrible, no good day. He’s been fired from a play, robbed twice in the last three months, his girlfriend’s left him, and his cat is dead. But he’s always managed to make do; more or less. But now he’s discovered a burglar in his apartment, and he just may do something drastic. Perhaps tie him to his kitchen table for New Years.

And the hysterical power trip that follows is absolutely hysterical.

All of the shows I’ve seen so far have been watched from a huge distance, both physically and emotionally. Admittedly, it’s not difficult to become emotionally detached from a tinny-voiced Shakespearean soliloquy twelve rows away. This is the first production I’ve been able to watch from such a personal angle, and the experience was definitely richer for it. There was no emotional detachment in this performance; there was simply no allowance for it. Despite being two hours long with a 15 minute interval, P.S.- Your Cat is Dead! is a very fast paced performance with well enunciated rapid-fire dialogue.

The absurdity of the situation dawned on me so slowly; it wasn’t until the party hat was perched at a jaunty angle on the sulking burglar’s head as he celebrated New Year’s with his captor did I realize with a startle how ridiculous it all was. It was almost too easy to get lost in the unfolding narrative, partly due to the amazing dynamic between the actors, Mike Rogers and Hamish Campbell, who carried the show on their shoulders, and then some. I found myself enthralled and taken on an emotional journey I did not expect. Their mutual mockery is scathing. The struggle between Jimmy and Vito is very coordinated and convincing; it sounded like it hurt.

Having not lived through the 80’s myself, I couldn’t speak for the authenticity of the set. Despite a heavy promotional aspect centered on this era, the costume and set were surprisingly understated. With props like brick-shaped recorders and radios with antennas, I must admit that the effect was quite charming.

If there’s one thing I could complain about, it would be the excessive grunting. For a show that relies much on physical theater, grunting and heavy breathing are necessary to draw attention at certain points or emotions, but there is a point where it becomes distracting or grating, or even worse, overdone. The sound effects were also too loud at times, taking away a touch of subtlety.

I also feel I should mention that if you are uncomfortable with strong language, or a man ripping off another man’s pants whilst tied to a table, this is probably not the play for you. Otherwise, it is definitely worth your time to take a peek.

P.S. Your Cat is Dead! is playing at the McAulay Theatre in Wanchai through Sunday, February 23rd. For more information, click here.

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  • Thomas
    22 February 2014

    I didn't get a good view of the show. Sitting on the side by the table all I got was a lot of views of the backs people's heads. Would have liked the play better if everything was plated to whole house and not just the people in the front.
  • Thomas
    22 February 2014

    Btw, can you make your comment section more friendly for mobile users? So difficult to use. Big turnoff

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