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By: Meaghan McGurgan


Cabaret is a great blending of genres. It's part music, part comedy, part dance, part theatre. Cabaret is often distinguished by the venue it is in. It's performed in a restaurant or bar- something more casual than a traditional theatre so that the audience can feel comfortable, drink up and enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. The 3 Singing Bitches is a cabaret from three of Hong Kong's well known theatrical talents: Angelita Li, Rick Lau and Margaret Cheung. We've reviewed their musical theatre performances before on HKELD and recently they've become well known for being the backing artists on many Canto-pop albums.


The actors are playing extreme versions of themselves. They are dressed to the nines and ready to put on a show. The dialogue and songs are well rehearsed and the show is extremely polished. The audience was very responsive to the show and seemed to love every minute of it. 


The show is bilingual with much of the comedy relying on Cantonese banter that is not translated. This is the only major reason I can see an English speaking audience not enjoying this show. The artists are beautiful singers with wonderful stage presence and show a wide variety of work over the 80 minute show. The Seiko number was my favorite. 


Another wonderful addition to the cast was accompanist, Alan Chan who was an integral part of the show and became his own character. He had reactions to all the numbers and the jokes. Tech wise, the show is very simple- basic lights and sets. Because the Fringe is very bare bones venue, there were a few instances of the sound balance being off but these were minimal compared to other cabaret shows I've seen in the Fringe that suffered from this same issue. 


3 Singing Bitches is sold out! For more information, click here.

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