See you today at TedxHongKong!


You can see our editor Meaghan today at TEDxHongKong Artful Salon at the Affordable Art Fair!

She'll be hosting and guiding you through a day of talks that ask great questions about art...

What is art? Who is art? Is art life or is life art? Is art about you or the artist? Yes? Even if it is hard to come up with a precise and useful definition of the word, we know it stirs our passions.


We are also in the midst of an innovative revolution in perceiving, understanding, appreciating and valuing art. How are factors such as new media, the Internet, mainstream commercialization, urbanization and globalization impacting something that is both very personal and emotional yet macro, cultural and material?


Join the TEDxHongKong community and some of the most interesting, talenting and cutting edge thought leaders and artists from Hong Kong and abroad on Friday afternoon May 13th at the Hong Kong Convention Center for TEDxHongKong’s first ever event on Art! TEDxHongKongSalon Artful will be a wonderful opportunity to learn, share, inspire and be inspired by hundreds of fellow community members that promises to be unforgettable!


See you at the Affordable Art Fair!


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