Struggling With Who To Vote For?



Not sure of who to vote for on your Heckler ballot? We understand... All the people on it are super talented and well deserving of the award. Over the next few weeks we'll be doing articles about each of the categories and the nominees in them. But we will need your help. Do you have access to any of the show photos? Tag in them on facebook so we can find them! Or share them with us on our page! Or email them to us at We want to get started on talking about all these awesome shows/actors but we're missing photos of a few of them.

What? You don't know who's nominated? Check out the nominations here!

And if you still haven't signed up for your ballot you can do so by signing up on the original post.

We're also currently looking for presenters and performers for The Hecklers. If you want to be a volunteer for The Hecklers or present an award on September 3rd, please contact us!

Happy Voting!

The Hecklers will be an Invite Only event. If you want to be invited, make sure you're on the guest list by signing up for our newsletter. After nominees, they'll be the first ones to get invitations!



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