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Radio Drama is a dying art form. Seneca, the Roman playwright, was the original radio drama writer as his plays were read aloud with sound and had no staging. (Sometimes the actors weren't even seen.) When the radio became the main form of entertainment in homes during the 1920's, it was the main form of story telling for the public. As the radio shifted to the back burner with the rise of television and movies, radio drama didn't completely die out. Well known radio drama like Prarie Home Companion and Jim French's Imagination Theatre still use the format.

So in honor of this dying art form we present: Our podcast drama contest!


*Submit an original 10 minute radio drama script.

*Include the sound effects in the script.

*We can only fit 4 perfomers into our recording booth. Although, we can have a couple performers use different voices, it'll be best if you keep the cast size relatively small.

*Scripts must be submitted in either .doc or .pdf to by May 14th.

*Winner will have their script performed on hkeld's podcast at the end of May.


We will also need 4 stellar actors/foley artists for this project.* If interested in doing the podcast drama, email us!

*The podcast records at 2pm on Thursdays. Actors must be available at this time.

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