The 2012-2013 Hecklers


Did you have a favorite moment on the Hong Kong stage this past year? We know we did! is proud to announce that starting on June 15th our site will be working hard to celebrate the best moments of the 2012-2013 performance season.

Last year Meaghan McGurgan, our editor, held a similar award ceremony on her old blog. Over 4,000 people voted. This year’s award ceremony will be bigger and better with some new fabulous award categories – and a new branding for these awards, to be called … the HECKLERS!

“Last year I did the awards for fun and as a way to give Hong Kong’s performing artists a big hug for all the hard work they do. One of the reasons my blog became popular was because I was going to see their shows and writing about them. I owed them a lot and wanted to do something nice for them,” says Miss McGurgan

“It’s great that through HKELD this award ceremony can continue to recognize the contribution these artists make to Hong Kong’s cultural identity and sense of self,” adds HKELD director Tom Hope.


Rules of Voting


*This is an award ceremony to celebrate artists who live and work in Hong Kong. Tours that have visited Hong Kong in the past year are not eligible.

*The defined 2012-2013 theatre season for the purposes of these awards is from July 1st, 2012 to June 30th, 2013. If you have any questions about what shows happened in the past year you can look back at the calendar or can look at the review page.

*Our voting process is open. The 5 nominees in each category with the largest number of votes will appear on the final ballot. The nominee from the final ballot with the highest number of votes will be the winner of the award.

*You can see the winners of last year’s awards at Miss McGurgan’s old blog:

*You must have a valid email address to vote and may only vote once from your IP address. This is to keep spybots from tainting our voting pool and to make sure that people aren’t voting for themselves over and over again.

*There are no language restrictions on the acting categories. Actors can be nominated that perform in any language.

*Original works must have had their “world premiere” in Hong Kong during the 2012-2013 season. There are no language restrictions in the original works category. Original Dance pieces are also eligible.

Important Dates to Remember

Nominations will start on June 15th and go until July 14th. You can access your nomination ballot through this link.  You can nominate up to 5 persons/shows in each category.

Final ballots will be sent out via email on July 20th. Ballots will be accepted for one month and voting will close on August 20th. To receive your final ballot you must enter your email into the box at the bottom of this page.

*The awards ceremony will take place at Bisous on September 3rd at 8pm. Mark your calendars!

*Ballots are blind. We cannot see who is casting each vote.

The Categories

Name of the Award
Description of the Award
How to write down your nomination on the open ballot. You can nominate 5 persons/shows in each category. Please put a comma between each different nominee.

Best Show (Non-Musical)
Best play without music or dance. Can be classical or modern.
Name of Production, Producing Company

Best Show (Musical)
Best musical or opera.
Name of Production, Producing Company

Best English Accessible Non-English Show (BEAN) Award
Best non-English piece of theatre, any style eligible.
Name of Production, Producing Company

Best Dance Show
Any style of dance eligible.
Name of Production, Producing Company

Best Theatre for Youth Show
Best show made for kids or by kids.
Name of Production, Producing Company

Best Charity Show
Best show where the intention of the production is to raise funds/awareness for a charity.
Name of Production, Producing Company, Charity

Best Director
Best Director, Can be in a play or a musical.
Name of Director, Production Name

Best Actor
Best Actor in a Leading Role; can be in a play, musical, dance show or opera.
Name of Actor, Role, Production Name

Best Actress
Best Actress in a Leading Role; can be in a play, musical, dance show or opera.
Name of Actress, Role, Production Name

Best Supporting Actor
Best Actor in a Supporting Role; can be in a play, musical, dance show or opera.
Name of Actor, Role, Production Name

Best Supporting Actress
Best Actress in a Supporting Role; can be in a play, musical, dance show or opera.
Name of Actress, Role, Production Name

Best Stage Manager
Outstanding Achievement in Stage and Production Management.
Name of Manager, Name of Production

Best Designer
Outstanding Theatrical Design. Any medium can be nominated.
Name of Designer, Type of Design, Production Name

Best Original Work
Best New Work of the 2012-2013 Season. Any language or style of work can be nominated.
Production Name, Playwright/Choreographer

Best Newcomer
Favorite new person to enter the Hong Kong theatre scene. Can be an actor, designer, technician, etc.
Person’s Name

Best Coverup
The oops! award. Had an understudy step at the last minute and save a show? Had a technical disaster happen on your show and your SM save the day? This is the award to recognize those brave artists who showed courage under fire and saved the ship when it was going down!
Person’s Name, Why they’re being nominated




Final Ballots will be sent via email on July 20th. By checking this box you give us permission to add you to our database.


You definitely want to get in on the fun this year. The awards ceremony is going to be bigger and better. Thanks to our venue sponsor, Bisous we're going to have an actual ceremony with awards, performances and a night of fun to say thank you to all the performers who have worked so hard this past year to put on great entertainment in our city.

If you're interested in sponsoring an individual award or being a presenter please contact us! We have lots of sponsorship options and are going to need a lot of help to make the HECKLERS a night of fun and glamour for everyone involved.

Now don't forget to vote!

PS- Have you signed up for our newsletter? Invites for the party will be sent out to our subscribers first. Get your invite by signing up!

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