The Scottish Play, Told by the Real Housewives


Here's a delightful interpretation of Shakespeare's Scottish Play as performed by Real Housewives gifs. Warning: there is some adult language. But that's totally not our fault. For classy broads these ladies love the F-word.

We would also recommend not using this as a study guide. You will fail.

1. Macbeth meets these three witches who tell him he's going to be the future King of Scotland. He's a little skeptical.

2. He tells his wifey about their prophecy. She's all ready to get her queen on.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth get the King's Chamberlains wasted so they can frame them for murdering the King.

4. Macbeth sneaks in and kills Duncan in his sleep.

5. The heirs to the throne flee and Macbeth decides to throw a party. He invites his friend, Banquo to dinner. He finds out Banquo was also going to leave town without telling him. How rude!

6. No one leaves dinner without asking! Macbeth kills Banquo.

7. Macbeth goes back to visit the witches.

8. He orders that they take Malcolm's castle and also kills his family.

9. Lady Macbeth starts to go a little cray-cray. She's sleepwalking and starting to see bloodstains where there aren't any.

10. Lady Macbeth kills herself and Macbeth is sad. He gets all depressed and starts thinking about the futility of life and stuff.

11. Macduff and Malcolm start a bromance to take down Macbeth.

12. The final battle starts on the lawn.

13. Macbeth realizes that he is doomed.

14. He still continues to fight. He is killed and they put his head on a pike.

15. Macduff is named King and the witches later reveal that King James was a descendent of Banquo.




We later gather for the Macbeth: the Reunion with Andy Cohen



  • brad jacobs
    18 September 2013

    LOL. I love it! Why wasn't Shakespeare this interesting in highschool? oh... i know why. Probably because I was stoned in the back of the class trying to hit on girls.

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