Theatre Game of the Week #10

One of my all time favorite warm up games!

Theatre Game of the Week

Game Name: Zip-Zap-Zop

Items Needed: None

Students Needed: 7+

Time Needed: 10 minutes plus

A basic in all drama classrooms. This game requires clapping, pointing a direction and saying a different sound each time. Zip (left), Zap (right) and Zop (across). Step one, make sure all students understand the idea of passing a sound around with a clap. Use Zip first and complete a whole circle. Step two, introduce changing directions singularily. Step three, add in the across factor. Students are eliminated from the circle based on slow reaction times, wrong words, wrong directions or failure to participate. Winner is last one standing.

In the end: Students will have practiced a team work game that requires fast reactions to a vocal command. Also using 3 similar words can have them practice vowel sounds.If in a speech therapy session one can use 3 words that are difficult for a student to practice with such as "THs" or "Gs" rather than "Zs"

*Different teachers from different countries have different styles of teaching this game. Some even have slight variations on the rules. All are completley valid. I was taught under this method so I prefer it.*


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