Theatre Game of the Week #11

I love playing this game. It's super fun. It's also a good way of identifying everyday objects which can be a great active vocab reminder for primary aged kids. I also play this game when I do my workshops with domestic workers. It's a great way to work on everyday household vocab!

Game Name: What's in your kitchen?

Materials Required: None

Time Required: 10 min+

Students Required: 5+

Ask the question, "What's in your kitchen?" When a student answers, they have to go to the front of the room and pretend to be that item. There can only be one of each item. So only 1 fork, 1 bowl, 1 chicken. They have to hold their pose in a freeze until the whole class is finished. No humans allowed in the kitchen. BORING!

You can then go through the different rooms in the house so they can become different items. I tend to play this game with primaries at the beginning of every class. Each day we do a different room. That way we can build on different vocabs. By the end of a 5 day week then we should have made a whole house!

In the End: You will have reinforced household vocabulary and some food vocabulary with active learning.


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