Theatre Game of the Week #13

Our game for this week works well with visual learners. It also is a big hit with any special needs groups I've taught. It's important to have a couple of games in your back pocket that are purely creative and don't have boundaries on them. This allows for freedom of thought.

Game Name: Express Yourself

Materials Needed: Paper and Crayons, Music (without lyrics)

Students Needed: 3+

Time Needed: 10 minutes+

 1) Sit the students in a circle and hand them each a piece of paper. Have them bring their own crayons or provide a pile of crayons in the middle of the circle. Have them sit on the floor so they have a hard surface to work with. 2) Play a piece of classical music or music without words in it. Have them draw abstract shapes to express their feelings toward the music. 3) Have them switch papers. 4) Have each student write adjectives on the back of the paper that express the drawing. 5) Then have a group discussion: Did the words and the picture match? If they didn't match, why? Does anyone's picture make no sense at all? Did anyone not try? etc.

In the End: Students will have worked on matching visual expression to audio stimulation. They will also have worked on adjectives.



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