Theatre Game of the Week #14

There are typically three types of learners in a classroom. Audio, Visual and Tactile. The perfect theatre game will hit all three at once. This is one of my favorite ones to play. It's called Gamer. It's also a great game for Hong Kong kids as they are normally computer game obsessed. Having the game contain something they enjoy is the key to hooking them into having fun and learning at the same time.

Game Name: Gamer

Materials Needed: Paper, pen/pencils, chairs and writing surfaces

Students Needed: 12+

Time Needed: 1 hour+

Students, your mission is to create your own video game. It must contain the number of characters that currently sit in your group. It must have a problem, solution, hero and villain. It also must have a beginning/middle/ending. If there is to be fighting, there must be a purpose to it. There must also be a game course. Step 1) Write out your story line as a group and create your characters with typical video game stats. (Example: Power: 10, Agility: 5, etc.) Step 2) Draw your characters, give them a unique costume, draw the course of the game and do a drawing of the environment. 3) Create a 5 minute drama acting out the game. 10 minutes to prep. 4) Perform for the class. The course must be set up in the classroom to reflect what is written on the paper. 5) After watching all the groups the class will discuss whose game was the most interesting, whose characters were the most dynamic, etc.

In the End: Students have performed in front of the class a fully fleshed-out story with characters, theme, setting, problem and solution. Students have also used video game terminology in an active way. Students have connected visual learning with a drama and transformed a sketch/profile of a character into a person they have played.


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