Theatre Game of the Week #15

In honor of our first podcast we turn our attention to radio dramas. Radio dramas can be an excellent tool in the classroom. Often times you will find that students will have a disconnect between the vocal and physical. Radio drama games are excellent way to help students work on vocal skills, foley artistry and clear story telling.

Game Name: Radio Drama

Materials Needed: A white board or something for students to stand behind.

Students Needed: 5+

Time Needed: 40+

Step 1) Have the students write a one page drama with sound effects. Also require them to use different kinds of voice in the dramas. There are six basic types of voice in all drama performances: Loud, Soft, High, Low, Fast and Slow. By requiring them to use all 6 in their drama it will make them change their manner of speaking which is good for shy students. Sounds effects must be created by the students and not by electronic devices. (Think coconut shells for horse's hooves, etc.)
Step 2) Have the student stand behind a white board or a sheet that hides their bodies. Have them read their dramas. If a white board is not available you can have the audience face the other direction.
Step 3) After all the groups have performed have the students break down each story. Talk about what they liked and what they didn't like. Make sure they speak about the clarity of the stories and the characters.

In the End: Students will have worked on vocal skills and on performing stories with clarity. Students will also explore foley artistry which can be fun! By working in a group they have also worked on their teamwork skills.


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