Theatre Game of the Week #17

I love playing this game with primary kids. It's very fun and has great teamwork elements in it. Also, who doesn't love a game where the goal is to eat your classmates?

Game Name: The Blob

Materials Needed: An empty space

Students Needed: 10+

Time Needed: 10+

Step 1) Get the kids to spread out in the room. Choose one kid to be the blob. It's run like a basic tag game. The blob chases the other kids until he/she catches them. Step 2) When a kid is caught they attach themselves to the kid behind them. Holding onto the shoulders is best. One hand must be kept on the shoulders at all times. Step 3) As the blob becomes bigger and bigger it'll be more difficult to avoid being eaten. Step 4) The last kid alive is the winner! Repeat if needed. The winner typically gets to be the next Blob.

In the End: Students have run around and warmed up their bodies. They have also worked on teamwork skills by eating their classmates and adding them to "the blob".


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