Theatre Game of the Week #19

A great active learning game that works on skills development and getting ESL learners to recall object names. Fantastic for primary age kids. This game can even be done one on one in a tutoring situation.

Game Name: Objectify!
Material Needed: A cloth, lots of everyday obects, a table
Students Needed: n/a
Time Needed: 10+

Step 1)\Before class the teacher places the group of objects on a table and covers it with a cloth or places it in a separate room, so that no one can see it ahead of time. The teacher explains that the students have one minute to look at the objects on the table and then they will be asked to write down as many objects as they can remember. The kids are not allowed to touch any of the objects, and they cannot talk aloud during the minute of looking.

Step 2) The teacher has the students stand around the table and pulls the cover off, saying "Go." After timing a minute, the teacher covers the table and asks them to write down as many objects as they can remember. Give the participants two minutes to do this and, at the end of this time, the teacher then lists all of the objects on the table to check their work. 

In the End: Students have worked on memory skills and naming everyday objects like pencils, pots, spatulas and other important items. A great game intro for props!


  • hkteacher
    18 February 2013

    great idea! always looking for tutoring games!
  • Larry
    18 February 2013

    You should write a book of all your theatre game knowledge. I'd buy it.

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