Theatre Game of the Week #20

This is a very well known warm up game in the theatre world. You can use it in big groups or small groups. It will help create teamwork and bonding amongst your team and work on speaking and moving quickly. I like to use this game in my ESL classes and I will use it when I'm directing a show with adults. It's a basic that everyone can benefit from. Of course different teachers teach this game differently. This is the way that I was taught it and play it with my students. How do you play it? I'm interested in hearing all the different variations of the game.

Game Name: YOU!

Materials Needed: none

Students Needed: 5+

Time Needed: 10+

Students stand in a circle. One person starts by gesturing towards someone else in the circle and saying "You." That participant then gestures and says "you" passing it to another person in the circle. There is no particular order or sequence for the "you", but as it is passed, the energy of gesture and volume of the "you" increases. This continues until one student achieves such energy and volume that the person to whom she is passing the "you" realizes that he cannot top it. Don't let the students be lazy and cop out. Then it  begins to decrease in steps until the gesture disappears and the "you" is whispered. When that round is finished the game is over.

In the End: Students have worked on their vocal ranges and on working as a team.


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