Theatre Game of the Week #23

Follow your nose! We've all heard this phrase before, but what if you let your nose lead you around a space? People typically walk in 3 different styles. They are either head walkers, chest walkers or pelvis walkers. When you think of a character you should think about what they lead with and how they move. This game is great for establishing character walks.

Step 1) Have the students move around the room, filling up the space, changing pace, changing direction, being aware of other people but not touching them.

Step 2) Now become aware of your nose. Let your nose lead you around the room. Follow it wherever it goes!

Step 3) Develop this by focussing on different parts of the body, so that participants begin to discover new ways of moving. Try being led by your stomach, your little toe, your knee, your back and so on. By changing the part you lead with, do you feel your character changing? Does your connection to the character improve by trying it a different way?

In the end: students will have practiced physical movement and used body part vocabulary.


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